Saturday, September 2, 2017

Free Bird


It has been like forever since I typed a post for Writtin's. Today I need listeners who have no suggestions, solutions, or support.  Just want these words to get out there so it's outside not inside.  I put it out in the Universe, so it leaves me, spills out like blood cleaning out the pathogens as it flows. A wound cleared.

Phrases like "at the end of my rope", "losing it", and "I'm out of here" come to mind for me today.  Do you ever have those days when you want to slink away in the dark of night never to return, stop paying your bills, cancel the phone, take what bit of money you have in the form of cash, write a suicide note and just disappear?  

When I was in my twenties that was my yearn.  Before my real adult life ever started I wanted to rearrange it; put it on a different path. It was like I could see into the future and I wanted to change it.  I wanted to disappear, go off the grid, venture off the reservation...become a mystery, someone who was, but suddenly was no more.  But instead of doing that I did what most responsible people do...settle down, get married, raise a kid, start a business, be there for family,  and reluctantly whittle out an American Dream...accept my accidental life, convince myself "this is best".  

But honestly I never convinced.  I have fought it my entire life.  The urge to go "poof " like a rabbit in the hat has always been in the back of my mind...I fantasize, and it feels good, it frees me up, I go somewhere, I am someone, I recreate me.  I become one of those free wheeling people, you know the ones I'm talking about.  They never married, they left school in the 10th grade and disappeared from small town life.  They never had a "real" life, and yet they seemed so free, they had no one depending on them because they were completely undependable, no one had expectations of them because they were immune from expectations, they lived their life their way and only their way.  Maybe you're one of these lucky souls? 

 Zoning out is something I need in order to keep my fantasy life weed out real life from my secret one...and when I don't get that zone out time, then I am a fantasy interrupted.  I can't breath and the overwhelming feeling of "I'm dying... with regrets" comes on so strong, it's like a freight train loaded with rocks colliding with one loaded with sand...BOOM!

Wanderlust is my disease of choice! A mental for which there is no apparent cure, it is a mind in loop, like the ticking of a clock; it keeps moving around and around tic by toc.  The spirit wants the freedom to be wandering till the day you just drop dead of over living...not of yearning or regretting.  These thoughts bring me back to my preoccupation with time. Time, the river we all float in, the one we drift about in, the river we pollute, the one we let run dry and the last bit of what we hold dear.   Tic Toc...

Time is affected by speed and gravity....when you feel weighted down time passes so slowly...when you feel lighter than air time passes so quickly...well you barely know where it went.  

A need for the solace of free wheeling and wandering tightens around my neck. I feel like a Pitbull living in the ghetto...the chain is huge the locks are tight. Is the need to escape directly related to the gravity of the load one is tied to...the stronger the drag, the stronger the pull? Just askin'.
I am watching my mom slowly lose her mind, her time is running out and I realize how quickly that happened. In just a few short years she went from an independent self sufficient person to someone who has forgotten how to care for her own physical needs,  (so glad I wrote down how she prepares her dentures for daily use as I watched her do it one day about a year ago because now she has no clue where to begin).  She can barely read and can no longer write, and has no comprehension of what she reads.  She has forgotten how to go about everyday life unless you remind her.  She thinks she has not eaten when she has or thinks she has eaten when she has not.  

This watching destroys how you feel about life when someone slowly disappears but right before your very eyes...just like I wanted to do only I wanted it to be one swift disappearance, not this meandering away day by day, hour by agonizing hour. The eyes grow vacant...awareness is slow, the look is fear. 

She sees people who are not here she thinks our dogs are not in the room when they are, she thinks she can still do things she did years ago like drive a car, prepared her own meals, and take care of herself.  Oh how I wish she could.  In reality she can do none of these things and each day it gets harder to deal with the mental state she lives in... her fantasy is difficult to deal with same as mine is.  Her fantasy is taking her away from me, away from her family minute by minute... while mine who is in a better place?  The knowing is not enough to stop me from getting angry at her when she tries to leave the house while I'm busy with chores, I forget she is my Mom, I forget to be understanding, and I lash out at her with words she does not understand and has no perception of right or dare she escape while I am left to deal with this reality. 

Fortunately this is one of the last weeks I have to deal with her daily care as I have done for many of these past years. If all goes as it is planned out I will be turning the torch over to my sister.  She who has been a free bird will now have wings clipped.
I feel free and sadly empty. 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

New World Order

hat were they thinking?

The people who voted for the nightmare regime preparing to over throw the govt of the USA, I mean did they really believe that horse**it?  So now instead of the 1% running our economy via lobbyists, they will just skip that part and do it themselves.  The entire cabinet picks are made up of someone from that sector who have a huge bias against the department they have been assigned to lead.  How is this balanced? I guess they are trying to not just eradicate the people they don't like, the Blacks, the Mexicans, the Jews, the Environmentalists,  the Educators, the Free Enterprise, the Hippies, and the Media, Freedom of Choice, BUT also anyone who is not one of the above but supports their freedom to be who and what they are.  

Where is the freedom going? Up in $$$ smoke. As I wrote way back in my "Corporate Coop of America" post, our country is no longer a Democracy, you can wave your flag all day but its NOT.  It has not been since Reagan. It's a Corportacracy or to me more fitting would be Corportastrophroy. FASCIST!  The Top 10 major Corporations and the 149 Banks of the World run everything. 

I don't pretend to understand global economics, I just know when too much is not good...and this outlandish giving of the control of our Government to the FAR REICH is wrong for 99% of the population, people like me and hopefully you, who don't think it takes millions to have a good life on planet Earth will be completely ignored they only want our money!! They don't care if our children go hungry, uneducated, and die in a filthy environment, as long as they can all live like Kings they are happy. Extravagant life styles are not necessary to have a good life...yet they horde billions of dollars and destroy our environment so they can have more..Think KOCH BROTHERS and think Russian!

Bill Gates to me is the model billionaire, he has given away $28 Billion! Compared to Trump who lies so much and avoids transparency to the point we really don't know and can't depend on what he says to be the truth.
According to News Examiner dot net , 
Although Donald Trump has described himself as an “ardent philanthropist,” he has only donated $3.7 million to his own foundation. In comparison, a wrestling company has given Trump's foundation $5 million. He ranks among the least charitable billionaires in the world."

The man's heart is made of coal....I don't need an economics class to see the difference there...But what I really don't understand is why do a certain % of our population not understand what doors they have opened, the doors of racism, of iron rule, the doors of intimidation, and the doors that will slam on their own feet as they try to navigate the "swamp" they wanted drained. This swamp will now drown the common man, it wouldn't surprise me if they with hold FOOD!  Think "Hunger Games". 

The dying middle class is dying Because of these Corporations, Banks, and High $$$ figures Trump is putting into his cabinet.  They want more of the bottom line in their pockets, they don't care about the individual.  The man he put in for Labor Dept. is a sexist, as his TV commercials spell that out, (think Hardees and Carl Jr hamburger joints) he said the future is robots doing the how does that fit into the equation of increasing jobs here in the US. Unless you own a robotics corporation it doesn't. 

They don't answer to the American People they answer to the stock holders and banks...they answer to the big polluters, they answer to the corporate supplied military machine, they answer to the undoing of our Constitution. 

I am not in support of anyone so far that Trump has named to be in charge of his cabinet offices (or Trump either for that matter) simply due to their/his bias in the areas of our rights to be a free people.  We should be free to demonstrate, to denounce, to have a media not fearful of retaliation, speech, free choice, and freedom to protect our environment against the likes of big oil and big banks and the Koch Bros.  Freedom to expect equality, and freedom against discrimination due to our sex, race, religion...They are trying to tie our mouths and our hands! 

Trump and his win is to me the biggest disaster since Noah's Arch! We are on the verge of a new civil unrest like we have never seen before...a new civil war ...the undoing of the USA. I just wanted to go on record as saying "I told you so", while I still have that freedom. 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Crazy is as Crazy does...


I don't know about you but my life seems to be sailing so fast these days! Never enough time and yet I seem to waste a lot of it because wasting time is so relaxing, or is it relaxing to waste time? Which ever it is, both are waning; time to relax and time to waste.  Ever wonder if that last breath you took would be your last, that last blink of the eye, that last heartbeat,  the last squeeze of that muscle?  Ever stop and really think about how you will die? I  know it's rather morbid, but it is one day till Halloween, and Dia de los Muertos.  So it makes me wonder about what waits beyond mortality.

Watched a special on one of the channels these perfectly sane sounding people were discussing the idiotic thinking of the public back in pre Colonial America when people were accused of being wicked spirits if someone's horse refused to go past their garden gate or their hounds barked at a particular villager.  One such accused was brought to the court; the court said she is not a witch...the towns people later hanged her overnight and yet she did not die she lived another 7 yrs. 

Then this same panel of "experts" who had nay-sayed the Salem witch accusers, began to speak in honest support of the idea of ghosts and spirits of the dead who roam the Earth.  Okay--now I was saying WTH?  They related their supporting tales of items suddenly falling from shelves, of doors slamming by themselves, of faint images of ghostly proportions walking around in the shadows of night, and of shadows suddenly moving when nothing moved! 

Putting our belief system to the test is how we try to understand the opposition.  Ex: to me the whole story of creation as is told in the Bible is a fable. Talking serpents, burning bushes, parting of as these seemingly intelligent people believe in ghosts, so may the writers of the Scripture be "believers" of some other type. 

I'm not from Missouri, but show me how this is all possible, things go bump in the night and that means ghosts exist?  I know there is a spirit inside us it has an energy force it has weight therefore it is real...does it becoming a peeping tom of some kind, does our Grandmother watch over us, I sure hope not I don't want her watching me in the shower?? Yet, I can't help myself but believe in Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, and Re-Incarnation.  
Damned and I thought I was an intelligent person who could not be fooled by old myths, wives tales, and illogical nonfactual  based nonsense...a la  hocus pocus!

So much time has passed but I'm just as superstitious as my 7th Gr Grand Mother who was accused of witch craft, and I want to believe in good spirits fighting off evil...but I don't want to believe in evil spirits controlling my mind and constantly pushing my buttons.  And so maybe it's all about hope, faith, and the way we spend our free time relaxing and letting our minds convince us that there is more to life than meets the eye.  We want more therefore there is more. 

....and then on the other foot is the other shoe, the one worn by the ones who are out there-- beyond the scope of our ability to understand, the mass murderers, the psychos child molesters, the criminally there a fine line or no line at all?  Is it just beliefs we have made up and convinced ourselves it's okay...and maybe there is no cup with which to measure the Mind...or Time if it's wasted or time well spent who decides?  We lock up, medicate, and deny the validity of a certain number of our population we call them crazy...yet we believe in ghosts and goblins and things that go bump in the night...and we set fire to a pumpkin and dress up as skeletons once every year and we teach our children to do the same.   

Crazy right?

Monday, July 4, 2016

The failure of living....

Sweltry is the word. (Google doesn't like that word and has underlined it in red however it is part of my vocabulary so it stays.)  If I was made of Plastic I would probably melt.
Why am I in Carolina in the summer?  I keep asking myself that question.  I'm here to help my Mom and that is the honest answer and I have to stay busy so I do things...I work around our little homesteads, and keep things greased and the cogs moving....speaking of cogs this is the plastic piece that caused my van window to stop moving.  Notice how the groves are squashed.

I can't believe it is wise to use plastic for this part as its a twisted wire cable that winds around it and as you raise and lower your window it is wrapping around this piece trillions of times, up and down, up and down.... and as this plastic wears out, as you see, then the cable gets all mutilated and eventually stops moving as it gets tangled and caught in the works.  Just like 2 old sewing machines I finally tossed they had 2 plastic moving parts and both failed in the plastic part area. 

Regular maintenance around here includes lots of mowing, trimming, picking up limbs that fall from the mannnnny trees and watering plant beds as we have only a few and some plants in pots.   One project that was added to the list this week was moving the martin houses back into the field, I had moved them to the edge of the trees back in 2012 when the forced to sell chapter of my life was going on.  The squirrels did a number on these houses during that time near the trees where they could get on them and chew away at the plastic doors, So I had to order more doors.  These are the S & K Purple Martin Cottages and together  with 8 plastic gourds, they can house 32 nests! Perfect for a small colony.   IF ever I can get martins that is, normally I get great crested flycatchers and bluebirds. Another plastic you notice a pattern here?  Lowe's sells decoy purple martins to entice martins to nest at my place they are made of Plastic!  I think I'd enjoy whittling up some decoys myself out of wood. 

Take note if you have anything made of plastic be on guard for the day...once I attended a garden wedding, we sat in those plastic chairs.  A portly man of unknown poundage sat in one on the front row, and suddenly both front legs just snapped off! He went face over, to the ground!  Although it was NOT funny, I apologize for the case of giggles it brought inside my head.   During the entire affair all I could do was keep trying to NOT laugh out was worse than having a sneezing fit!  I kept trying to temper my giggles with "it was not funny, what if that had been you"... then I would visualize ME going over face first and that made me need to laugh so much I excused myself to the restroom just so I could let it all out!! Others must have thought me crazy! SO plastic can become an embarrassing event!

Here is another story for you about plastic!! When I took Mom to her new DR they wanted to do a bone density test.  In the other exam room divided by some sort of plastic divider, we could hear every word being said...
The tech exclaimed, "what in the world is that?"
the patient, "mumbled answer" then the tech goes out and comes back with the Dr. but they talk outside the plastic divider. 
"she has an old IUD in there she says its been in there 30 years." 
DR."What the hell, 30 yrs, how old is she, Good Lord she is 72 yrs old , she doesn't need an IUD." 
Dr enters cubical..."We can remove that for you, you don't need it anymore."
the patient "mumbles"
Dr outside again, "We can't make her take it out, just make a note of it and let it go."

I was bonking out in the other cube screaming in my head, "take it out."   It gave me the creeps knowing it was in there...made me wonder what other plastics are being concealed behind flesh?  My Mom has 2 titanium hip joints, but not plastic.  Most knee replacements are made of plastic!  I have seen them...
Riding an elevator with one of my former EMT/Paramedic partners, Mark, in Beth Israel Hospital for Special Surgeries in NYC.  We were taking a patient home after he had knee surgery.  When the elevator opened (we normally used freight elevators to take patients up and down)  (and this makes me wonder about the cogs in elevators winding up and down hope they are not made of Plastic.) so when it opened there was this rack full of little boxes, my (kleptomaniac) partner Mark crabbed one box and put it on the stretcher. I asked "why did you do that?" 
He replied, "I need an ace bandage for my knee." So he was stealing an ace bandage.  I was not in the habit of governing the morals of a grown man from Guyana. I simply governed my own life.  So later in the ambulance after the job was done he opened up his "ace bandage" box, inside was a brand new Knee Replacement made of plastic and titanium! Probably worth about $1000.00 His eyes nearly fell out of their sockets...All I said was,
 "are we learning yet?"
Then he started to wonder what he could get for it on Ebay...I reminded him it was stolen...I think in the end he tossed it in the trash!!  His car broke down one day on the BQE, plastic fuel pump.

After I moved back to SC and ended up back in the upholstery biz after swearing I'd never do upholstery again, I was once again working in a small group of  women.  My boss had this habit of giving people pet names...I have to admit, I have done this before if its an especially annoying person. This particular client was so rich she redid her interior designs on a whim....and she had that same inclination for facial enhancement boss nicknamed her Plastic Face.  Not a very nice thing to say about anyone.. but I have to say her face gave you the impression that she was standing behind a sheet of plastic that had been stretched and then pressed to her skin.  Not attractive, not in the least.  
So the other day while I patiently waited for Mom to do her one hour of PT, in comes who else, but that lady!! She came over to speak to me and ask how I've been,  I had no recollection of her real name all I could think of was Plastic Face.  How horrid is that. Happy to report she had not had any more surgeries as I could tell anyways.

She got on the stationary bike by all appearances  it's made entirely out of plastic and it has lots of cogs!  Now a-days many street bicycles have plastic gears on them! I have an old bike, and not so long ago I came to own, by divorce, a new bike.  When I compare the 2, mine is a better bike hands down. NO Plastic in the important parts.  Still as sturdy and strong as the day it was purchased, the new bike "skips" when you ride it, the chain does not make good contact with the plastic gears. Go they will figure a way to make the chain out of plastic OH WAIT didn't I see that already in the hardware department, yellow plastic chain, which I'm sure would break with only simple pressure.

So I guess I'm not a fan of plastic when it comes down to it.  Plastic although has advanced society, how can we depend on it? I'd rather build on a solid foundation, not one that has such a short shelf life!  The Steel industry was not put to rest by a lack of need it was put to rest by plastic! At the root of plastic is the Gas and Oil Industry! Look at how many things are now made of plastic, just about everything! In Canada they now make their bills out of plastic!  I have heard it snaps if it gets frozen and it melts if it gets hot!! 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Seriously bad Sh*T

e change, the world changes!

13 years ago my sister came to NYC on a business trip.  She was staying at a swanky hotel so I took the train uptown and stayed with her in the swanky hotel.  You know how they provide drinking cups on the vanity? Well this swanky place puts rigid plastic cups wrapped in cellophane to be used once and tossed....I kept the 2 small cups I opened... they have the hotel logo etched on them...and I still use them today.  In these past 13 yrs I can only imagine how many of these cups they have tossed into the garbage? A trillion possibly, most likely MORE than I can imagine...if every room and this was a 20 story hotel, huge possibly an entire city block in length so I figure 20 rooms at least per floor, 400 rooms, with 2 cups per room per day...Okay you get the idea and can do the math. 

I'm going to tell you something you already know! Plastic is BAD!  I needed this new slap upside my head reminder glad I just watched a documentary on Pivot channel about  plastics and how it is ruining our oceans, killing our birds, fish, and other sea creatures, making our children reach puberty too early, destroying brain cells, and causing many health issues to our population.  I don't begin to pretend I'm not one of the offenders but I do try...Now my plan is to try harder!  

Naming here the industry and corporations responsible,  who create these monsters; Exxon Mobil, Dupont, and Dow Chemicals.  They refuse to be held accountable for their products...and they file lawsuits to cease and desist against any small fry who try to awaken society and hold them accountable like a guy called Mr Plastic Bag, Bag Man who tied bags to his body and tried to raise awareness of the dangers of plastic bags as he marched around town. 

The middle of the ocean is a steaming hot mess of plastic collecting in huge barges of flotsom made up mostly of BPA plastics.  The researchers did an on the spot autopsy of a dead albatross cutting him open at the belly and he was full up with plastic bottle caps, bits n pieces of plastic mesh, and other things like plastic straws, toys, plastic packaging and just a whole sh*t load of plastic!! 

British chemist Charles Edward Dodds recognizes BPA as an artificial estrogen?  Amazing right..after long battles and while other countries have banned BPA for food containers and especially infant foods, In March 2014, Rep. Edward Markey (D-MA) asks the FDA to ban the chemical's use in formula containers, reusable food containers and in canned foods and beverages. The last two petitions are rejected, but the FDA accepts the petition on infant formula, and says it plans to collect comment from the public before making a final decision. The FDA says it will try to complete a scientific review within the next 90 days.  I for one don't need or plan to wait on the freaking FDA to keep me safe....who do you think they plan to side with?? Did you know most FDA examiners and officials came right from the food industry?  
There is a fox in the hen house folks!!
So what we have are 3 of the biggest corporations on Earth destroying the Earth and who is the middle man spreading it from pole to pole?? WE are ---YOU AND I!!  In the times we live seems we have given up trying to fight the good fight...I know I feel the same way-- it's hopeless...we feel helpless to stop them they are TOO BIG for us to defeat. Lawyers will fall upon us like Brimstone straight from hell...there are way too many deaf ears in these times we live in. 
So what can we do?? Simple, don't buy the crap they sell in plastic!  Single use plastic bags, cups, coffee container tops, bottles, things things things

Who am I to preach, well I'm not! I am not going to preach I'm going to lead by example, and make a challenge to all who read these pages.  Bottled water buyers beware!! What's wrong with buying yourself a sweet bottle you will reuse, a metal one perhaps? Non BPA bottles save millions of tons of that crap from becoming a death trap for a bird who may have never seen a human in it's entire life.  Why do our blueberries have to be in plastic containers?? Then maybe we don't eat blue berries if they are in plastic! 
Shrink wrapped veggies, NO way get the loose veggies, and don't put them in one of those plastic bags to take home...just toss them in the cart!  This is my plan I'm sure you can come up with one that will work for you!

People of NYC are lucky in that there is a fresh produce market right on each street corner! Selling produce in bins un-bagged and unwrapped is the best way.   Paper bags work great and they decay!  Trees are renewable, not talking ancient forest here...but areas like where I live have become tree growing hots why not sacrifice some sandy land not much good for growing anything anyway and grow these dang pulpwood pines....yes paper has its problems with waste waters at the source of production...(one fight at a time). Speaking of cities,  when I lived in NYC I can tell you they produce more trash than you can leaves on huge barges from Staten Island every single day it goes to your state, and mine, and it goes to China where most of the recycle processing is being done!!

Bring your own cloth reusable bag to the check out or a cardboard box! I like boxes too cause they don't fall over in the car ride home and you can reuse them for years if you take care of them!  Glass bottles are awesome you can keep them forever and refill them with your favorite beverage make your own beverages, teas, coffee. Use refillable pods not the ones made of one use plastic! Did you know they been lining the inside of canned food with this BPA stuff? It leeches into the food--

Recycling is one help but guess what its only makes up 30% of the plastics being is still 70% NEW material!!  As of late I have become a slacker, I was buying some products in plastic, but Mom and I just had a conversation, we are going to reduce our plastic use by as much as we possibly can, like my Mom's medicine comes in plastic, we can't change that!! Until Biodegradable packaging  becomes profitable it will be up to each of us to do the right thing!! NO more ONE use purchases of plastics for us. 
This stuff can not be thrown goes from your hand right to the environment! It never goes away it stays for EVER, unless we process it into something else...and we really don't need these plastics to continue! We got along just fine with the old ways of packaging before plastics came along. 

SO I'm not preaching I am issuing a challenge, give some thought to the products you buy and try your very best to not buy plastic encased products...if you can't convince anyone else to follow your lead, no matter, you are making a difference, do the math to prove to yourself how much difference one person can make.

we must be the change we wish to see---Ghandi

Monday, April 4, 2016

say whaaaaat?

hat a surprise; it makes you say "whaaaaaaaaaaaat"?  

The election: what a horrible nightmare/joke on the GOP side, Trump is the most bigoted person I've ever heard open his mouth in public and yet he is yearning to be POTUS?  I am sorry if you are a supporter of his, it's not the American way, he is not the American way...he says make American Great again...we have yet to be great...we will be when we can leave bigotry, hatred, and the lust for blood, and destruction of our Planet behind us.  Some just can't bare the immigrants "invading" us, we are all free to leave. 

I'm supporting Bernie but Hillary will do just to get us out of this horrible time we find ourselves in, such a step backwards.  I lived in NYC long enough to hear all about Mr Trump and his "kingdom" and how he handles himself in business and how he treats people. He will seek out every dirty loop to undermine what ever he desires to destroy. I've yet to read or hear one GOOD thing he has done!  HE has done good for his Empire, for himself, his sons, his investors, his many wives, but for America?? Trumpitizing the land is not great it's separatism. 

Watched a Documentary (You've Been Trumped) about how his development "people" terrorized some Scottish land owners when he decided to build a huge golf course complex next to them...his people deliberately broke one man's water main and he was without water for weeks..he had stock to water, and his life was so disrupted.  Another land owners fence and garage was practically demolished when the Trump party said "one corner of his garage appears to be on our land" so they bull dozed it and his fence...this man had old property surveys in his safe and it showed the line was NOT where Trumps people said it was...the reason for this terrorism? Because these simple people lived a meager life but loved their land, they refused to sell to he complained that his Billionaires who would come from around the world would have to look down upon those pig sty neighbors and it was not to his he tried to run them out by bullying and terrorism.

They held firm and were continually bullied by "Trump's Team." He had a security force who came on their land and arrested the Independent film maker who was making this Documentary...for NO Legal reason!  See big money buys everything, the law, the government, the land right out from under your feet..

Some of the land owners whose land was to be PART of the golf course were forced to sell when the Scottish govt, at this point, was in support of the project since Trump promised 1600 jobs would be made so these land owners were forced TO sell by the Government backing Trump in his land stealing of precious dunes... a one of a kind environment. 

He wrecked the natural dunes and built this Disney looking landscape in its place...he then abandoned the project  when he learned of the Scottish governments plan to have a wind farm off shore of his Mega-Trumpolis Golf he sued Scotland to try and stop them from building an alternate to fossil fuel wind farm because it would ruin the view for his Billionaire golf patrons...he LOST thank goodness and now Scotland is no longer burning coal in their power plants I'm sure these wind farms helped make that a this man would have a say in our energy policy? He would appoint a Dept of Energy head?? Holy brimstone and fire. 

I would not vote for this man if my life depended on it and I believe all our lives depend on us NOT voting for him. Talk about hard times. We have seen nothing of the likes---Canada watch out for the influx of American illegals heck I'd chose Mexico over the kind of America Trump wants to build...

I now understand why I was unable to align myself with a few people...when my eye balls bought fell out as they are supporting this loud mouthed buffoon.  I can't think of one good reason to support this man.

Gotta love freedom of speech, wonder which of our Bill of Rights he will strip off first?? He said he will sue anyone who attempts to slander him...heck it would be hard to slander him he makes his opinions very public on camera! 

It will be the downfall of America as we know it if this man somehow gets the power he so lusts after...God help us all.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Where is the Duke when you need him?

hy do the Republicans think they are the only angry ones who feel like shouting?  That's why I created Writtin's, my place to say my piece.
We all feel that need.  I try hard to not speak out as much as I WANT to or I'd be like Trump shouting to the top of my lungs on a daily basis.  All the abuse of our system, the political lies, the corporate coop, the human abuse, the animal abuse, the environmental destruction; it's enough to drive a sensible person crazy.  Of course I do NOT consider D. Trump to be sensible or even sane on any level I can relate to. 

 All these gun welding yahoo's-- omg why don't they enlist in the Army if they really want to fight? If they were drafted they'd probably run off to Canada and hide...I'm so over it! Have no tolerance for that bully mentality...Yes we have a right to bear arms WHEN threatened! We are the most armed society in the world!! Yet it has not brought us together, it has not solved our social problems, it has not even won us a war in many many years.  SO what's the point...we also have freedom of speech.

This blog post tho, (okay I here and now officially make the t h o spelling of the word though correct English...and thru correct for the word through, and will spell it that way henceforth); is not about those topics per se but it's the daily struggle we all have that I want to speak about...the ones of us who have issues and try to go about solving it legally, or the right way. We  "do gooders" try to work within the system, not like the Ammon Bundy's of this land, or Isis, or the KKK who try to force their way around justice, try to rewrite the law with bullet holes, we take the right approach.  There is no guarantee either way.

Most of my battles are personal ones.  
Case and point, I fought the battle against a medical clinic who placed WRONG info in my medical records...I fought them for months, in registered letters, reading numerous online statues of legalese to find out what the LAW has to say about that.  I went through ever channel, and even enlisted the help of my State Representative, and yet it was NEVER completely repaired to my satisfaction...they came 75% of the way then just ignored my continued demands of it being right 100%.  Finally I had to give up and walk away due to the stress and anger I was feeling after trying for 9 long months to right the wrong.  Sometimes you count a partial win as a win...the only reason I didn't get 100% correction was solely due to an arrogant director who decided her balls were more brass than mine. She thumbed her nose at legal statues and I could find no one who cared enough and had the clout to bring her to justice! The law tied my hands as it states a patient can NOT sue a DR for wrong medical info in their records, but must follow this procedure to fix the errors.  I did everything possible but when you're up against a liar, a manipulator, and an ego driven personality and  have no legal recourse and no money to buy representation,  you may as well stand up your white flag.  

I'm sure that director has used my case as a sounding board for these past 2 years when it comes to training the staff in the clinic on proper record keeping.  I didn't get my just deserves, but maybe I paved the way for ones coming along behind.  As long as people are willing to learn from mistakes and first and foremost admit mistakes were made. 

More recently another battle hill I decided to climb is one with my electric co-op.  No it's not about rates, altho that is probably a battle for later on my radar, its about the horrible mess they made on my land! The easement tree trimming is something they do yearly...this time they contracted a different company, this crew cuts the limbs with no thought to the life of the tree its attached to, let it fall to the ground, then run a big bush hog machine over the grounded trimmings in a apparent attempt of chopping them into smaller pieces.  In this case, of the easement on my property, the limbs did not chop up but were mangled and then thrown up against the tree trunks for the entire length of my Southern land boundary! It looks like a Bigfoot got mad  and starting kicking the shit outta the woods. This is how I am trying to get satisfaction:

  • emailed the branch manager with my complaint
  • got reply 3 days later
  • he sent 2 reps to review the damage
  • they had a long convo of which I was excluded and dismissed with a "we'll take care of it" statement, in other words they patted my ass and sent me home. 
  • now I wait
I get so frustrated dealing with the Establishment that I do understand where the "let's just shoot them" mentality is coming from, but I'm too far left to stand under that flag! 

We all have to stand up for what we believe is the right thing...The upcoming elections scare the bejeeze out of me as I hear the rhetoric of these GOP candidates, and I see the pointing fingers of the Dems...where are the good guys? We need a John Wayne, a 
Daniel Boone, a John McClane.  Where are the do gooders who can also open up a can of whoop ass if need be.  No these are not perfect people, they made mistakes, but they tried to do the right thing for the right reasons.  (okay 2 of the 3 are make believe characters, but I'm sure there are people like them out there).

I am a big letter writer I've written and received replies from people like Bill Clinton, Lindsay Graham, other officials and it has not always been favorable.  It was my attempt to make things right as I see it...sometimes that's all we can do.  Write a letter, email, like on Facebook or dislike! We do still have some avenues open to us that are non violent....but that will disappear if we don't exercise our right to do so. I imagine dueling will become in favor once it seems to me as a society we move forward technologically and move backwards socially.   

We no longer have face o face contact with people other than our immediate  circle...back in the day if you had some business to take care of you went there, you met people, you heard their side and you came to an agreement.  Now we get bombarded with "issues" and unless we go in search of many sides to the story we get an unrealistic view of the issue. 

There are so many ways to slice the pie but in the end we all eat from the same pie...
  • Speak UP don't take it sitting on your hands with duct tape on your mouth
  •  Vote
  •  Back down only when you've exhausted every angle and only if you have gotten something in return
  •  Do your part, stop waiting on someone else to do it
  • And most of all do the right thing 
    If you don't know what is the rig
    ht thing, just ask yourself this question- would I stand for this in my back yard? That one question can help you figure out where you stand.

IF I weren't such a hermit I'd run for political office just to see how far I'd get before I hit the wall to see if one person really could create change.  After watching Obama die in a GOP crock pot it makes me think democracy is dead or dying right before our closed eyes.